Staging Function

Home staging offers the prospective buyer a new outlook on the home rather than only allowing them to see the way you lived there–some rooms or strange floor plans may be improved with creative staging and furniture placement.

Overlooked Repairs

Of course certain noticeable repairs will be mentioned if the seller has an inspection done pre-list; however, a stager recommends things a discerning buyer would notice above and beyond the typical inspection, i.e., paint colors.

Shorten Time on Market

According to a HomeAdvisor (2021) study, staged homes spend between 33 and 50 percent less time on the market due to addressing most potential buyer objections.

Improve Resale Value

Staged homes typically sold for around $40,000 over the list price in 2021 according to data from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). Winning!

Conversely, if you are purchasing a home and starting from scratch, attempting to mix styles from one home to another, or just want to have some fun, allow me to assist you on the design side.

ANSWER: One lazy bone in her body. Her motto is, “I can do anything!” I would want that on my side, wouldn’t you? So, let’s stage your home and sell that bad boy.

Selling a home often feels like this; but, when I make the interiors look like a showroom, the stress is removed and you can leave the rest to me. Let me push the rock up the hill for you and shoulder the burden. If I can run 135-miles through Death Valley in July at 129 degrees in the year that we topped the Sahara Desert as the hottest place on the planet Earth, your property and buyers will not daunt me. I relish the opportunity to ease the strain of listing, staging and selling.